Our Products

Given the myriad of solutions on the market today no organisation can be an expert in them all.

Therefore at Heritage IT we have assessed many of the various options and chosen to primarily offer those that generically meet the majority of day to day business needs. However, with every business today driving some strategic differentiator, it is also paramount that the solution can be tailored to the business processes and policies. We believe the following products meet these standards and therefore have partnered with the developers to offer them to our clients.

Quality Products

We also only consider products that have a long term development cycle that is inclusive of changing trends and which take advantage of emerging technologies.

Another key factor in our choice of product is the ability of the "off the shelf" solution to be personalised to the business; meaning the ability for the product to be configured to solve business needs as opposed to requiring customisation. It is important though that any chosen product has the ability to be customised if necessary and each of these solutions have development partner programmes and software developers kits to facilitate the modification or enhancement of function that can ensure a long term solution in a dynamic business environment.