About Us

Heritage IT Pty Ltd

Heritage IT Pty Ltd is committed to working with our clients to provide innovative, effective and complete business and accounting software solutions. This is achieved by developing the highest standard of client service and a dedication to technical experience.

We seek to align people, business processes and technology with strategy, in order to achieve a competitive advantage for our clients.

Our PHILOSOPHY to conduct business is:

  • To provide the highest possible level of professional service.
  • To adhere strictly and at all times abide by our high, self-imposed ethical standards.
  • To operate a successful business in order that we can broaden and improve our service to our clients and provide worthwhile opportunities to our staff.
  • To provide value for money.
  • To ensure that the company has a friendly, well-trained, highly motivated and training staff who are loyal to our clients and each other.

Our VALUES are:

    We will be truthful, open and act in a manner that reflects a high ethical and professional standard in all our dealings.

  • VALUE for MONEY.
    We take pride in providing a high level of service in all our work. Our results are accurate, timely, innovative and value for money.

    We provide the highest quality professional services and behave in a way that promotes the good reputation of the Company. We respect others for their contributions and act courteously at all times.

    We are loyal to our clients, the Company and each other. We treat everyone with trust and fairness, as we like to be treated ourselves.

    We are committed to establishing and maintaining future directed technological services at the leading edge.


  • Experience.
    We are one of the largest resellers in Australia of each of the products we supply with the experience of installing and supporting over 400 sites.
    We have specialist consultants with considerable experience in the computer industry.

  • Expertise.
    We maintain a program of staff development including continuous training in the products we support and supply.
    Our staff hold qualifications in accountancy, hotel management, network operating systems and desktop operating systems.

  • Support.
    Support is provided through 24 hour HOTLINE telephone, modem, and on-site.
    We provide regular contact with support staff to ensure problem free operations and early warning of issues to be addressed.

  • Quality.
    Our reputation is based on a strong commitment to quality.
    We strive for the highest client services.
    We offer a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship that centres on our clients' business success.

Our History